Photographs of New Orleans by Stanley Beck

Photographs of New Orleans by Stanley Beck, New Orleans native, photographer and artist

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About New Orleans Photographs and Stanley Beck
"It's All About the Photographs"


Life is full of twists, turns, changes, and surprises. Mine has been no different.  I've lived most of my life in New Orleans, leaving only for a 4-year enlistment in the U. S. Air Force, then again after the devastating blow of Hurricane Katrina, returning to S.E. Louisiana in 2015.  After my tour in the Air Force, I returned to New Orleans, and while working in other careers, dedicated over thirty years to painting the themes of the city that has been my  home.  During late 1990s I began a gradual shift to photography, an art form that allows me to spend more time enjoying what New Orleans and S.E. Louisiana had to offer, while still being engaged in the creative process.

As an artist in almost constant contact with visitors, I became keenly aware of what people were coming to see and to experience.  I was compelled to portray the unique ambiance of the city and its culture, and I soon realized that there was a need, no, a demand, for quality photographic images of New Orleans and New Orleans culture to meet the needs of publishers and graphic designers working in the travel industry.
The purpose New Orleans Photographs is to provide quality stock photographs of the New Orleans metropolitan area, the S.E. Louisiana region, the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras, the Mississippi River, Riverboats, Antebellum Plantation Homes, New Orleans architecture and culture, Swamps, Alligators, Pelicans and other wildlife, and  other subjects and locations from around the country.   The images here are only a sample  of my stock of photographs.  New photographs are constantly being added.  One thing is certain, is that no matter how often I shoot in New Orleans, there is always something new to see that was not previously seen, or something seen in a completely new light.  My objective is, and has been, to capture not only images, but the flavors and the essence of New Orleans, or of whatever my subject is. It's all about the photographs.

Photos from New Orleans Photographs have been licensed for use in corporate brochures and annual reports, hotel brochures, CD covers, posters, websites, magazines and in books and book covers, including:
Stanley Beck, New Orleans artist and photographer
Stanley Beck
"It's All About the Photographs"


New Orleans In Photographs
By Sharon Keating
PRC Publishing, London
Random House, New York, ISBN 0-517-22660-X

New Orleans Food
By Tom Fitzmorris
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, New York, ISBN 1-58479-524-7

My Kind of Transit
Rethinking Public Transportation in America
By Darrin Nordahl
University of Chicago Press, ISBN 1-930066-88-0

Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts
By Keith Knight, Mat Schwarzman,
New Village Press, California, ISBN0-9766054-3-0

A World of His Own
By Arlette Gaffery
Outskirts Press, Colorado, ISBN0-9788891-0-X


Some books using digital images from New Orleans Photographs



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Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter Jackson Square, St. Ann St. Gates at Dusk Paddlewheel Steamboat docked on the Mississippi River near the French Quarter

Photography of New Orleans — Stock Photography of New Orleans, the Crescent City

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